It's a BSC-based BEP20 token, 3% Reward system for holders on each transaction, and each transaction has 2% burning. It will be purchased by centralized and decentralized exchange
listing and the total supply is 10 billion.


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Forus Community
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Cryptocurrency refers to digital or virtual money secured by cryptography .

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We take security seriously and have built a reputation of being the most trusted in Coins.

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Why Forus ?


Forus team is developing this project for everyone who believes in the power
of blockchain technology and wants to make an impact on society by giving
people more control over their data.

  • Buy/Sell crypto with low cost fees
  • Trading System including
  • Deposit can be by crypto, p2p, visa/MasterCard
  • Live chat support
  • KYC verification with ID, Passport or driving license
  • Add coins, and there is strong criteria
  • Responsive website with Exchange Dashboard


To be the most trusted exchange platform cryptocurrency excellence and
customer experience worldwide.


To create a competitively low cost, no scam, and globally accessible cryptocurrency.

Forus goal

Forus team believes that the project will grow with the suggestions and
involvement of its community. Our goals is to improve the customer
experience and gain customer trust through our services.

Forus News and Updates

Whats new for fors and other cryptocurrencies ...

February 18, 2022

Forus token now listed on CoinMarketCap

The Forus team is proud to announce that our token has been listed on CoinMarketCap. As one ...
February 8, 2022

Forus Partnership With TetraHedra

Forus Announces Partnership With TetraHedra Forus has announced today that they are now official partners with the ...
January 28, 2022

Forus Token is now listed on the coinsbit

Forus Token is finally listed on the coinsbit Forus team is constantly looking for new opportunities in ...

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