Cryptocurrency introduction

Cryptocurrency exists as a fully digital and decentralized money like
medium with almost no regulatory or centralized authority. Even more, it
works as a separate peer-to-peer, blockchain powered, exchange entity
allowing global transactions independently from any central bank,
sovereigns, and fiats.
To guarantee the security and verifiability of the peer-to-peer transfers, the
crypto entities are secured through private or public keys that are
connected directly to the receiver’s wallet. This technology offers many
advantages in the financial market, such as portability, divisibility, inflation
resistance, and transparency

Why Forus?

Forus team is developing this project for everyone who believes in the power
of blockchain technology and wants to make an impact on society by giving
people more control over their data.

What is Forus?

We are a community-based token and platform. The more you participate,
the more everyone benefits..

  • Forus Token is based on three key principles: work together to create
    value for others; be open and welcoming to participants in your project;
    always act with benevolence, honesty, and integrity.
  • Forus Platform is an exchange platform which is focusing to solve two
    major issues, the first is scalability issues, and the other involves low
    liquidity in cryptocurrency markets due to high volatility or unpredictable
    price movements

Forus Token Dynamics

It’s a BSC-based BEP20 token, 3% Reward system for holders on each transaction, and each transaction has 2% burning. It will be purchased by centralized and decentralized exchange
listing and the total supply is 10 billion.

Forus Platform

It is platform exchange that provides

  • Buy/Sell crypto with low cost fees

Trading System including

  • Buy/sell with (market/limit/stop loss) price
  • Buy with the amount of the token or the total of the money
  • Setting the percentage of the buy and sell
  • Secured payment
  • Email and SMS system for deposit and withdraw

– Deposit can be by crypto, p2p, visa/MasterCard
– Live chat support
– KYC verification with ID, Passport or driving license
– Add coins, and there is strong criteria to list coins in the platform
with high approach to avoid scams
– Responsive website with Exchange Dashboard


To be the most trusted exchange platform cryptocurrency excellence and
customer experience worldwide.


To create a competitively low cost, no scam, and globally accessible

Forus goal

Forus team believes that the project will grow with the suggestions and
involvement of its community. Our goals is to improve the customer
experience and gain customer trust through our services.

Forus Token Distribution

The token distribution is as follows:

  • 80% Holders
  • 3% Platform development
  • 7% Developer wallet(it will be locked after launch for 1 year)
  • 10% Development & advertising

Forus Roadmap

Stage 1
  • FORS token audit certification.
  • FORS token fair launch.
  • Pancakeswap listing.
  • Start marketing campaign.
  • 500 holders.
  • Public awareness.
Stage 2
  • Listing on small exchange.
  • Coinmarketcap and coingeko applied.
  • Influences marketing.
  • +2K holders.
Stage 3
  • Wide range marketing.
  • Medium exchange listing.
  • 15K holders.
  • Forus Platform release.
Stage 4
  • Forus shop.
  • Big exchange listing.
  • 40K holders.
  • Partnership.